D-Link DWA-131 USB key wifi adapter with Ubuntu 13.04

30 Aug 2013 | Programming

Some quick notes on how to get the DWA-131 rev B working under Ubuntu 13.04. First, this webpage explains how to check what revision you’ve got. The rest of the explanations (upgrading to 3.8.10 to use the rtl8192cu driver included in the kernel) worked, but only for some networks. The device would just fail to connect to other networks.

Instead, I installed a precompiled version of the chipset (RTL8192CU) drivers, found here. Then, add three lines to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf :

# Blacklist native RealTek 8188CUs drivers
blacklist rtl8192cu
blacklist rtl8192c_common
blacklist rtlwifi

One line to /etc/modules to load the module :


And one line to /etc/rc.local to force the driver to recognize the DWA-131 (‘2001 330D’ is the USB id of the DWA-131) :

echo "2001 330D" | tee /sys/bus/usb/drivers/rtl8192cu/new_id