Have a look at my github repository for some of my open source work.

Old projects


Zoob is an Android game. It has its dedicated page.

Scala md5 loader

A MD5 model (Doom 3) loader that is written in Scala/OpenGL. Performs per-pixel lighting with bump mapping and specular lighting. Render shadows using basic shadow maps.

The code is on github.


A small C++/OpenGL library that can load a Freetype font and create a texture atlas for it. It is then possible to render arbitrary text string using the font by using the generated texture directly (without using freetype), which is very fast.

The code is available on github.

Terminal g33k

This is an abandoned project that I started with a friend in 2005. The goal was to create a 3D engine for a FPS game. The engine can load Quake 3 maps and Doom 3 models. It has basic physics (walk, jump, climb stairs) and basic lighting. It has written from scratch using C++, SDL and OpenGL.

The code is available on github.